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Therapists at ACT of Living, Northcote are dedicated to contributing to your growth, health and contentment. We are professionally qualified and registered and carry relevant insurance. Most of our practitioners are registered with Medicare and private health insurance companies, as well as statutory authorities, like WorkSafe and TAC so that your counselling can be as affordable as possible.

ACT practitioners at the ACT of Living also engage in ongoing training, professional development and undergo professional supervision to ensure that our work is effective and evidence-based. We are all primarily Acceptance and Commitment Therapy therapists, but most of us use other approaches when required.


Practice Founder


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Julian McNally

Principal Psychologist

Julian McNally has practised counselling psychology since 1995. He trained in client-centered and solution-oriented approaches before discovering Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in 2003. The mindfulness components of ACT harmonized with his longstanding interest in Zen Buddhism and Taoism (Julian was a Tai Chi instructor for six years).

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Dayana Noor

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Steve Fahey

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Brock Bastian
Consulting Psychologist

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Michelle Trudgen
Clinical Social Worker

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Claudette Foley

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Dr. Lawrence Heath
Counselling Psychologist

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Naomi Overton
Clinical Psychologist

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Tess Bartlett
Life Coach

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Linda Williamson
Clinical Neuropsychologist

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