Tess Bartlett

Life Coach

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Tess Bartlett is a Master Practitioner of Coaching, NLP and Meta Dynamics™ and a certified Life Coach dedicated to social change through conscious leadership.

Dedicated to lifelong learning Tess holds a BA in Psychology and Criminology, Honours (1st) in Criminology and is currently completing a PhD examining the experiences of primary carer fathers imprisoned in Victoria and the implications for children.

Tess works with female conscious leaders with purpose and impact. She practiced mindfulness and self-compassion in her personal life for several years before incorporating these into her coaching practice where she works with clients to create conscious awareness, emotional intelligence and strategies that will have lasting change on both the individual and those around them.Along with one-on-one coaching Tess runs workshops, trainings, and online programs as well as being a writer where she has published in magazines, books, journals, and blogs. She is also currently writing a book.

Rebate Eligibility
Please check with your private health insurance fund to see if counselling is covered. This especially applies to Skype and phone counselling which are not eligible for Medicare rebates and may not be eligible with your health fund.

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