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Help fulfil your Continuing Professional Development requirements for:

  • Membership: Australian Psychological Society


  • Membership: College of Counselling Psychology


  • Requirements: Medicare CPD


  • Provider: Focussed Psychological Strategies

Our founder Julian McNally offers supervision to psychologists, counsellors, social workers and other human service professionals. He specialises in supervision for those interested in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. However he does offer supervision for other purposes and using other models than traditional one-to-one office-based supervision. .


In particular, the supervision on offer is suitable to fulfil Continuing Professional Development requirements with the Psychology Board of Australia, for Australian Psychological Society membership and College of Counselling Psychology membership, and for Medicare CPD requirements for being a provider of Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS) items. If you are a clinical psychologist, you would be able to justify the ACT supervision we offer as it is an evidence-based treatment.


Julian has a broad portfolio of experience within supervision, as well as considerable personal experience in both group and individual supervision situations. This has included participating in and facilitating supervision groups with both single- and multi-discipline teams as well as with collegial groups of unrelated practitioners like the Melbourne ACT Peer Supervision Group which Julian coordinated for two years.


Our aim in providing supervision is to enhance both your effectiveness in session with clients, but also to support you in your ongoing professional development and growth. To that end, Julian routinely introduce supervisees to practices and models outside their experience/training.


Whilst Julian's own training and practice includes interpersonal approaches such as Rogerian counselling, Functional Analytic Psychotherapy and narrative therapy, he rarely use their methods in supervision "I do try to inform my practice with their philosophies though. The supervisee is not a therapy client! At the same time I promote the presence of the supervisor/practitioner in the room to model this skill for the supervisee/client."


Channels of supervision currently in use include in-person and telephone. He also has interest in providing online chat including video chat if technical problems can be overcome simply.


Activities in supervision include case discussion, questioning, reflection and reflective listening, role plays and simulations and between-session writing.


To find out more about supervision with Julian, call him on 0425 603 702 or email and we can arrange a free initial consultation to establish suitability and a supervision agreement.

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